Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey, Dhafi! Michael Jackson called from the grave -
he wants his totally asinine fake soldier uniform back.

By Ed Gauthier
Cartoon Dictator Derider

Well, it looks like old Muammar Kadhafi "Duck" just pulled a Muby (that Egypt pyramid puke), by quitting and running away like a stinking coward.

Yes, the folks in Libya took a tip from those in Egypt, and started protesting last week.

Of course, because the kooky Colonel has always been a frightened little baby, he ordered his military thugs to fire into the crowd of peaceful protesters. So now the streets of the Libyan capital Tripoli are littered with bodies, after "security forces" loyal to leader Kadhafi did their thing to the crowds, activists claimed today.

Scores of corpses have not been cleared away because residents have been warned anyone seen outside will be shot, said Mohammed Ali of the Libyan Salvation Front. He said eyewitnesses saw forces loyal to Kadhafi shot at ambulances and some protesters were left bleeding to death.

The report adds to the mounting evidence of Kadhafi's brutal crackdown as his as his bloody 41-year grip on power appeared to be nearing its end. It was reported that he fled Tripoli and ran off to Venezuela.

Kadhafi had appeared on Libyan TV last night to insist he is still in the country, while Tripoli blazed and his troops were allegedly shooting, bombing and strafing civilian demonstrators. But there was no proof that it was in Libya, since it could have been live via satellite from Venuzuela, or even via a tape or disc recording sent from Venuzuela. (Or from wherever else he might be hiding out.)

The navy was said to be shelling the city alongside indiscriminate bombing runs by fighter jets as Kadhafi ordered a vicious assault against his own people. Wow, he's a real Muby fan, alright, even down to copying their mutual idol Sodom Insane!

As the fighting intensified in Libya, cracks appeared among Kadhafi's supporters, with some ambassadors resigning and calling for his removal.

At times like these, it becomes more and more of a heroic (and well-publicized) gesture that Jimmy Carter's brother Billy whizzed all over the tarmac of Libya's airport in the '70s, thus insulting the entire "royal family" of Libya, including a much younger Kadhafi.

Amid those reports that he had fled to Venezuela, the klutzy colonel appeared on state TV, to insist: "I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs!"

So Kadhafi - you say there are channels owned by yo mama and daddy? How 'bout dat!