Thursday, February 24, 2011


GREENBACK GURU: This guy might give even Criswell a run for his money.

By Ed Gauthier
Wildcat Editor

(CNS) TEXAS - - Political insider Lindsey Williams, during one of his semi-regular call-ins Tuesday from Arizona to the Alex Jones radio show and internet podcast in Austin, Texas, provided a rare glimpse into the workings of the globalists who steer America's shadow government, as well as a hopeful outlook for the year 2013, despite some tough times in late 2012.

In a media exclusive, Williams revealed that the New World Order will target Iran and Saudi Arabia next. Oil will hit $200 a barrel. Williams revealed new groundbreaking information about the plans of the global elite. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain of an Alaskan pipeline company, Williams has been privy to the plans of the elite for many years.

It is due to this particular background that Williams insists he merely tries to provide an accurate as possible reflection of what his globalist contacts have let him know every once in awhile. He further stipulates that he is therefore also not a stock broker, personal planning advisor, or a person claiming to have any psychic powers - although many people have attempted to give him such titles over the years.

Williams said that the Elite Globalists are going to double-cross the Arabs by declaring null and void all the T-bills and other US investments made by the Arabs since the 1970s. It was then that a US-Arab deal was conducted with then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that if the middle east powers started buying US T-bills, the US would ban most oil drilling on domestic lands.

Such US land areas include Alaska, Colorado, Utah, the Dakotas and Texas. (Texas was one of the few to opt out and continue drilling, however they have only a fraction of oil compared to places like Alaska.)

In late 2012, finding that those US T-bills are worthless, the Arabs will become enraged and cut off oil to the US, Williams said. And will be when the US will then open up their own oil fields, both the known ones and some which have been kept secret for up to 50 years.

In Alaska, for example, where one or two pipelines sit, a dozen could be pumping, but they're currently capped shut. Elsewhwere in Alaska, another fertile area is Gull Island, which will also be opened up. Another is the huge Bakken Reserve. Also in the Rocky Mountain area, notably the Stanbury section, there is an estimated two trillion barrels of oil.

The above scenario is familiar to many who have studied the massive African diamond glut, and the way De beers and other companies have kept a tight lid on it in order to artificially manipulate all prices upwards.

Williams also said to any Arabs listening that before the world was buying their oil they were riding around on camels, and that they will be back doing that again. He also said the value of the US dollar as we know it will be totally destroyed by the end of 2012.

At that point, said Williams, the US will adopt a new world currency, which will lead the following year to a re-birth of the U.S. in 2013, after the initial collapse. Only then will the U.S. rebuild and pick up economically. He also told the US oil industry that they should get their drills ready, because there will soon be a big boom in their business, due to all those formerly covered US oil areas being opened.

Williams estimated that just measuring the currently available "ready to go" light crude under the earth of the US, that we already have enough oil to keep us going for the next 30 years, to 2041. But of course the currently undeveloped crude has a far greater potential, which some say could last for over two thousand years.

Many have also predicted that the same kind of thing might happen in nations using the Euro even before then, perhaps even in late 2011. They also wonder about the biggest elephant in the room - China. According to Williams, China will have no problem because they're in on an exclusive oil deal with Russia. In fact, Russia will be selling so much to China that they won't have enough for any other country, causing the US to finally tap their old hidden reserves, since it will already be cut off by the Arabs.

(BTW, oil is abiotic, automatically regenerating, meaning that all old oil fields in America, or anywhere similar on Earth that were once "emptied out," have now filled up again after a period of disuse.)

Williams did caution, however, that this whole scenario was being created by the global elite because they want to get into position with an even stronger control of the oil empire than they already have. He specified that at the outset, while theoretically domestic production of oil would drop the price of gas at the pumps down to 60 to 70 cents, the globalists would be hiking that up to 6 to 7 dollars. After that, things will level out to less.

Exactly how much less? That remains to be seen.

* * *

That concludes the gist of the remarks made by Williams. Worth adding is the fact that another oil-related hotspot which is positive for America is in its also large shale reserves. If regular oil prices go too high, shale will soon become economical. Some countries are already starting to extract it, for example in Brazil, China and Estonia. Now let's look at how much shale the US has:

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the United States has the largest known deposits of oil shale in the world, and holds an estimated 2,175 gigabarrels of potentially recoverable oil.

So happy drilling, folks!