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Ain't this sidekick a kick in the side!
Shadow of his former self: My Name Is Earl actor Ethan Suplee,
pictured left in October and right in April 2002, has lost a staggering 200lbs.

By Daily Mail Staff

Former My Name Is Earl star Ethan Suplee has quietly lost a staggering 200lb over the last 11 years.

And now the 34-year-old has revealed his weight loss secret.

The American actor apparently avoided fad diets and surgeries, instead turning to exercise to transform his body.

'I ride road bikes,' he told TMZ. 'I wear Spandex and everything.'

Suplee's gradual weight loss has been apparent for several years, but when he stepped on the red carpet last October to promote his film Unstoppable, there was no denying there had been a significant transformation.

Swapping the baggy tracksuits of old for a slimline pinstripe suit, he looked incredible.

His decision to transform his body stemmed from a bet he made with director Kevin Smith that he would lose more weight than him in ten years after filming comedy hit Mallrats.

Ethan won the bet.

The funny man got his first big break into acting when he landed a role in Smith's black comedy, alongside his fellow My Name Is Earl cast mate, Jason Lee.

He then went on to appear in two more Smith films, Chasing Amy and Dogma.

The New York-born actor has also starred in American History X, Remember The Titans, and Boy Meets World, and played Johnny Depp's drug dealing partner and pal Tuna in the hit film, Blow.

In My Name Is Earl he played Earl's younger brother Randy Hicky.

The show also starred actress Jaime Pressly who played Joy, the trailer trash ex-wife of the main character Earl.

The television comedy ended in May 2009 after running for four seasons.



Editor's Note: But it's not just all about exercise, of course.

As far back as the spring of 2006, Suplee also told IGN Movies "There are certain aspects and parameters of my diet that I won't break no matter what, like eating bread. I haven't had bread in over three years. It'll be four years in August.

"I haven't had refined sugar, rice, pasta, anything like that."
First posted by Daily Mail Staff: 3/25/11
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How My Name Is Earl Star Ethan Suplee Lost An Incredible 200lbs