Saturday, March 5, 2011


TOP (SPACE) SECRET: Google's alleged censorship certainly
gives a whole new meaning to the term "Forbidden Planet"!

Well, it looks like Nibiru/Planet X/brown dwarf/ELEnin (it goes by those names, and even more) may be getting closer and affecting our planet sooner than originally thought.

If anything happened, it was supposed to be in 2012. But now they're talking about a few things related to it happening this year as part of the planetary buildup. Maybe that dang thing's on steroids!

Yesterday was the day when we were finally going to learn our fate. Yes, March 4 was the day we were supposed to see Nibiru break through the solar ecliptic plain.

I didn't notice anything - did you? But then, I claim to be no expert on planetary pulsations. To me, weather out here in California has only two main speeds: raining, or not raining. Everything else is negotiable and not a deal breaker. Ya gotta love it.

Anyway, the online guy below appears to have an angle on it. It's taken from - watch the sky, you folks with telescopes. Better still, watch out for rising seas etc.That kinda stuff is pretty hard not to notice, anyway, isn't it?


From:Terral 2/15/11 11:05 AMTo:;

WFLA News Tip Line:

My name is Terral ... writing to report that a brown dwarf with 3 moons is currently located between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars set to break through the solar ecliptic plane on March 4, 2011. A multi-planetary/Solar alignment will take place on March 15, 2011, when the Earth passes through the gravity trough/trench connecting the Sun to the approaching brown dwarf. The coordinates of the brown dwarf are 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58 in the Constellation Leo. The NASA orbit diagram/chart for the comet Elenin shows the tracking data for the incoming brown dwarf that will pass 22.3 million miles from the Earth on October 17, 2011. Google has blacked out Google Sky images of this exact location, which you can read about in my USMB posting here:

Google Is Deliberately Hiding Nibiru Images @ 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58

That post has pictures of the inbound brown dwarf and multiple moons. Follow the link to my Brown Dwarf Timeline here:

The Planet X/Nibiru/ELEnin Brown Dwarf Timeline

The first Gov link in that post shows you the NASA tracking data for the incoming brown dwarf, but cleverly disguised as a harmless comet.

JPL Small-Body Database Browser

The data says the brown dwarf will break through the solar ecliptic plane into the northern hemisphere on March 4, 2011, when the earth change 'events' will begin to escalate out of control. In that event, people must evacuate the coasts in anticipation of severe rogue tides and tidal waves associated with the anticipated March 15, 2011 'pole shift event.' The magnetic shift since 2004 is actually magnetic pole migration in response to the gravity well, massive magnetism and polarity of the approaching brown dwarf that orbits near the sun just once every 3600 years. I realize that this News Tip seems outrageous, but this is what all the evidence in my investigation is saying and the people have a right to see the evidence and decide for themselves. In other words, this is the very reason the Tip Line was created in the first place and pushing this under the carpet makes WFLA part of a very big Global Conspiracy to hide 'the truth' like Google. This is what Google is hiding:

Now you tell me why the only place on Google Sky that is blacked out just happens to be the same exact location of the recently-discovered ELEnin Comet? Your meteorologists are smart people. Have them look these things up. I am not saying this is doomsday, but the people had better be prepared:

100 miles from coasts.
200 feet above sea level.
away from fault zones.
away from volcanoes.
away from Yellowstone.
away from New Madrid Fault Zone.
away from Mississippi River Valley from Louisiana to Michigan.

Peoples have survived Nibiru for hundreds of thousands of years, but they were prepared. You have been given sufficient information to get the warning out, or to shove this News Story under the rug.

Terral ...
* * * *

Wow, and we thought the ECONOMY was the main thing to sweat about!