Friday, March 11, 2011


Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., says the House will "move forward in
coming weeks" on an anti-net neutrality resolution.

By Todd Shields
Bloomberg News

The House voted to nullify a rule barring Internet-service providers such as AT&T Inc. from interfering with subscribers' Web traffic, sending the measure on for more votes in Congress.

The House subcommittee on communications and technology on Wednesday advanced a resolution of disapproval on a 15-8 vote. All the "yes" votes came from Republicans, who say the regulation passed by the Federal Communications Commission is unnecessary, and all the "no" votes were from Democrats, who say a rule is needed to keep companies from limiting online competition.

The FCC passed its so-called net-neutrality rule in December on a 3-2 Democrat-led vote. It bars service providers from blocking or slowing Web content sent to homes and businesses, while allowing mobile-phone companies to put limits on traffic.

The House resolution would wipe out the regulation, and prevent the agency from passing similar rules. To succeed, it needs to be approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee, then pass the House, the Democrat-controlled Senate and be signed by President Obama, who supported the FCC's action. The House intends to move forward "in coming weeks," Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said Tuesday.

The resolution "is an exercise in futility," Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., said in an e-mailed statement. "It is a foregone conclusion that the other body will not pass it, and the President certainly will not sign it."

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(Original headline: House panel votes to void FCC net-neutrality rule)


IRRITATED EDITOR'S COMMENT: Yep, the business-bought Repubs are at it again, crying like the sore losers they are, this time about the Net Neutrality rules passed by the FCC last December. The political corporate clones are trying to "dissapprove" it, after their recent lame try at "defunding," which had no effect. Heavily-funded or not, it's still the FCC law of the land and it ain't gonna change - so just sit down and get used to it, you GOP jerks!

It'll never pass (and we already knew only Repubs disapproved of it, which is exactly how the vote went, so they certainly plowed no fresh ground there), so it won't do the Republicans one bit of good. It's yet another example of a total waste of time, just like their "symbolic" attempted "Obama healthcare repeal" nonsense.

Hey, how about trying something NEW, that might actually make it all the way into a LAW, guys? In other words, how about DOING your actual job? After all, that's why you were elected. And if you don't, good luck getting elected next time!