Thursday, March 10, 2011


FROM THE HEART, MAN: Politics makes strange bedfellows, and since
the Reagan era those bedfellows have usually been corporate creeps.

By Ed Gauthier
President Of The
Thom Hartmann Fanclub

I love talk show pundit Thom Hartmann, even though I never did figure out why he has a useless h in his first name, and a redundant n in his last name.

But he's just the best, and he should be featured here (and everywhere) more often than he is.

Anyway, according to Hartmann today, in Wisconsin the "starve the beast" strategy has almost completely been carried out.

The story behind the ongoing labor protests goes back more than three decades, a few years after Republiscum Tricky Dick Nixon had left the white house, and fellow Republiscum Ronnie Raygun was entering it for the first time.

And what is that whole "beast" deal, exactly? Hartmann outlined it yesterday on his webcast The Big Picture, telling us in plain terms that what's really going on has been going on for a very long time.

So click on the YouTube thingie above, and check it out!