Monday, April 18, 2011


100% REAL: Deal with it, earthling.

By Ed Gauthier
To Area 51
And Beyond!

A very interesting vid popped up this week (see above), and naturally went into a viral spiral on Jack Kirby's Boom Tube (AKA YouTube). So it was only a matter of time before the goofy gubmint up in Ruskytown would try to come up with some lame reasoning as to how this latest proof of the alien presence on this planet is a "fake."

This time they're claiming that a couple of local students just randomly did it as a stunt, creating the whole thing out of "bread" and other foods. That's right - not clay, or paint or anything else. And what are they going to punish the kids for - illegal building of a non-approved puppet? Good luck with all that!

But gee, last I checked, food would have fallen apart and turned to mush rather rapidly when laying outside on some soggy snow. Not to mention that if it was really food of any kind, then all nearby animals would have quickly chewed it to bits!

The hastily cobbled together flimsy model that police are now trying to foist off as being the originally photographed item is clearly not the same very solid object as shown in the video. For one thing, the police-touted "prank" model is blue. But in the video, the alien's skin is orange.

The commie cop model was obviously made after the fact, in a sloppy effort to discredit the actual alien body. Not only does the model shown by authorities not closely enough resemble the actual alien body, but it's also smaller than the one in the video! Is anyone paying attention to this ridiculous coverup?

But it should come as no surprise - remember, the powers that be usually use lies like "swamp gas," "weather balloons" and "mass hypnosis" to explain away most UFO/alien matters.

So adding "food parts" to their silly list of excuses really isn't going to hurt their reputation for truth any - mainly because they haven't got one!