Tuesday, April 5, 2011


THE BEST MAN: Voted at the wedding as most likely
to upend the incumbent groom.

(CNS) - - Austin, TX - - To Paul or not to Paul? It now looks like the former.

Libertarian Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said today that he plans to decide whether to run for president "in a month or so." Appearing on the Austin-based Alex Jones Show, Paul said he is "getting awfully close" to filing legal paperwork to launch his presidential campaign.

"It can't be too far off, I would think in a month or so I'm going to have to make a final decision," he said.

Paul left open the possibility of running as a third-party candidate, but said he would likely stick with the GOP.

"I guess in life, you should keep all options open. But right now, I'm still a Republican congressman and we did it last time as a Republican," he said.

Paul suggested he would likely attend a GOP primary candidates debate in May, which is sponsored by Fox News.

“We’re getting awfully close,” Paul explained, “There are just a few other things I have to iron out personally to make my final decision.”

In related news, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura also said he would be open to returning to politics as Paul's running mate if he leaves the GOP.