Tuesday, June 28, 2011


DOUGH-DEFICIENT DUMMY: Frank McCourt shown earlier this month,
babbling away at a press conference about one of his many screwups.

By Ed Gauthier
My Dodger Blue
Is Tried And True

The Boys Of Summer are declaring what?

There are very few stories in the history of sports about which this jaded journalist has ever shed even a symbolic tear. But this is one of them.

Financially hapless head of the team Frank McCourt is even trying to shaft Vin Scully! (I know, I couldn't believe that, either - but I swear I'm not making that up to further dramatize these already dire doings.)

Hey, why doesn't someone like Donald Trump just buy the Dodgers and then give the team as an early Christmas present to Tommy Lasorda? Works for me.

I'd like to have gathered a boffo bouquet of clever cuts directed at Frank "Divorce Court" McCourt, Bud "Mr. Big" Selig and the rest of the rubes in this crummy cast of characters, but when I heard about this just a little while ago, I realized that I'm way too ticked off about it to offer anything close to a rational rundown on the situation.

Instead, I'm going out for a walk to cool off.

Here's the link - read it and weep about it for yourself.