Thursday, February 14, 2013


Soon there will be a lot more than just four dead on Ohio.
Staunch republican Bob Hope used to own part of the Cleveland Indians.
Wonder if today he'd also be owning some shares in these Ohio Femians?

This is a fully functional facility in Fema Sector Five in Ohio.

Share this info and prepare. It can't hurt to do so. Is something big about to happen? Maybe even as soon as this year?

Well, this huge facility has recently been completed, even though it's during one of the worst economic downturns in US history. True, the government seems to like wasting money no matter what, but this would be way over the top, even for them.

This particular FEMA camp is also now staffed and operating, which is very significant. Meaning that they didn't just have it built and walk away from it until some future date to be determined, as is the case with many other government projects of late.

Therefore we know that the workers inside this camp must be currently paid, so they're all not just standing around doing nothing.

Do we really have to draw you more of a picture than that? I didn't think so.
First posted by Tom Lupshu 2/5/13
Original headline: "PROOF" FEMA CAMP in OHIO 2013